Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sandwich For a Few More Days

There was a little bit of a snowstorm the night before last and into yesterday morning but suddenly I can see the majority of the back lawn out the window. If all the snow is gone before I leave, I would like to think it will have been the last snow I'll see before next December at the earliest.

I don't know what it's like outside in terms of temperature etc. because, unfortunately, the fact is that I haven't been outside the house since Monday. It is now Thursday afternoon. I am not proud of this. I forget what air is like, with regards to all senses, except sight as I can tell you right now that it is clear/invisible until some funky prism science makes it look blue when you look up.

I've spent most of this break laying low, especially since the heavy majority of the worthwhile people in this town have gone back to school. And even before that, I was unusually homebody-like for most of December and January. For a while, I was worried about how this would translate for my trip. Was it indicative of a general unwillingness to socialize? Was I peopled out? I'd noticed during last semester, too, that I had felt like I'd hit my max for people known and just wanted to shut down my borders.

Thankfully, this week has reaffirmed my social nature. I am dying in here (though I suppose I would be wherever I went what with the passage of time) and can't wait to see people this weekend and, of equal importance, meet people next week. There are going to be a lot of people and I hope they're of the interesting variety. I am ready to tear down that wall.

So, on Monday, I'll leave the house probably around 3:30 AM to get to Logan, where I will board an airplane to Phoenix. I don't think I'll sleep the night before and count on the flight for sleep, which is risky, I'm aware. I am cheering for the Cardinals on Sunday because it would be sweet to be in a festive airport Monday morning. After an hour of chilling in one quadrant of the four corners, I will get on another plane to LA. I'll be in LA by noon PT. This is where it will get unfortunate. My flight to Sydney does not take place until just before midnight. I may be meeting up with a distant relative for lunch in LA, but he hasn't yet contacted me so I'm not counting on it. Instead, I'll probably have to just do 12 hours in LAX, which will be something. What was that Tom Hanks movie? The Terminal. Yeah. It won't be that bad. But it won't be good.

Anyway, around midnight I jump on another plane, which should attract stares. I've never seen anyone actually jump on a plane or in a car or what have you. Then I go to Sydney yada yada yada. A couple days in Sydney, then off to Perth. From there, I don't know what to expect, which was, of course, the point of all this. One thing I want to make sure I do is to go see the Atlantic before I leave. Hitting up the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian within a week would be a cool thing to be able to lay claim to, in my humble but sincere opinion.

So yes, check back for further updates. I'd like to think I have an adventure ahead of me. At the very least, I have 4.5 months outside of either hemisphere I currently reside in, so it should make for some stories.